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Post Growth Guide is an educational platform for practitioners who want to learn about aligning business with the planetary boundaries. It's time to redesign business to prioritize resilience and sustainability over financial extraction and endless growth.

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What's included in the membership today

Online Meetups 

We host at least 4 yearly meetups with experts and first-mover companies as guest speakers. We record all meetups and add them to the library.

Community Forum 

You can choose to have a public account in our Community Forum, which allows you to see, connect, and talk to other members.

The Handbook

The Handbook "Setting Limits to Growth" offers a 12-step method for building a resilient and impactful business in the 21st century.

Visual Library

This is a Miro Board with more than 200+ suggested readings, including notes and links. It helps you decide what to read first and where to deep-dive.

Who is the membership for?

We offer cutting-edge material focused on businesses. Therefore, it's not for everyone.

It's probably a good fit if you

→ Accept the science on the Planetary Boundaries

→ Believe we need a systems change

→ Believe businesses have a role to play in creating systems change

→ Want to unlearn false myths about growth, business & impact

→ Are looking for concrete cases and strategies for businesses

It's probably not a good fit if you are looking for

→ Arguments for why things should stay the same

→ Learning material on the philosophy of Degrowth

→ Learning material on what you can do as a citizen

→ Complex and abstract frameworks and principles

→ Cases of 100% perfect post growth businesses

"I cannot recommend it highly enough for anyone interested in making their business not just survive but thrive in harmony with our planet's boundaries"

- Kasper Bjørkskov, Head of Innovation


Includes a community and learning platform

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Online meetups with experts

We organize at least 4 online meetups per year with experts and first-mover companies as guest speakers. A meetup runs for 60 minutes, including a presentation and time for Q&A.


The meetups are hosted live on the community platform and recorded so they can be enjoyed later. New members get access to all previous online meetups. We have already planned 3 of 2024's meetups. Take a look below.



Purpose Economy

In this meetup, you will hear Purpose Economy discuss Steward Ownership and present a case for getting funding if you are Steward-Owned.



Profitable business

In this meetup, you will hear From David Heinemeier Hansson, Co-founder of 37 Signals and author of Rework. 



Not-for-profit business

You will hear from Jennifer Hinton about how you generate profits in accordance with the planetary boundaries.



A community forum 

This is the place to meet and learn from like-minded practitioners. When signing up as a member, you can choose to have a public account in our private Community Forum, which gives you access to see, connect, and talk to other members with public accounts. If you want to remain anonymous (we know some do), you can, of course, choose an anonymous account. 


The handbook and toolkit: "Setting Limits to Growth."


This handbook offers a 12-step method for building a resilient and impactful business in the 21st century. It's based on our process of designing and building Post Growth Guide as a post growth business, applying steward ownership, democratic governance, limits to growth, and much more. It's for startup founders and SME owners.

We have planned to update our eBook twice - in early 2025 and 2026. After that, we will only make updates if new learnings justify it.
You gain lifetime access to all updates with your membership.

"Setting Limits to Growth" offers practical tools that can help entrepreneurs implement strong sustainability principles in their own businesses. Using a systemic lens, it shows entrepreneurs that by changing their own business, they can contribute to a larger transformation of the economy for sustainability"

- Jennifer B. Hinton


A Visual Library

It's a Miro Board with more than 200+ suggested readings. This Visual Library helps you navigate what to read first and where to deep-dive. It includes all our original resources and the most valuable background material we stumbled upon in our research, including links and notes to help you find what you are looking for.

The Library covers a large range of topics that we find relevant for owning, building, and running a business aligned with Planetary Boundaries. 
Hands-on case studies, service providers, and background reading.  

05 (coming in June '24)

The online course:
"Open-Eyed Planning 101"


This course teaches you to avoid the 14 most critical and misleading assumptions when drafting your sustainability strategy, enabling you to make a plan with your eyes wide open to the inconvenient challenges ahead. We base it on the findings of the highly esteemed scientific report "Decoupling Debunked" by The European Environmental Bureau and interviews with sustainability directors.


It will be approximately 60 minutes of on-demand video spanning across 3 themes, with exercises and reading material for each theme. It's for sustainability professionals in large companies.

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