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Setting Limits To Growth

How to make better business decisions
in the 21st century




This eBook includes:
12-chapter eBook of 171 pages.
Digital toolkit with 6 decision-making tools.
60+ recommendations for further reading.


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Set limits to growth and make better decisions.

This handbook offers a 12-step method for building a resilient and impactful business in the 21st century.

Green Growth is a fantasy

We cannot grow the economy indefinitely on a finite planet. We cannot decouple pollution from economic growth sufficiently and fast enough.

In the 21st century, there are limits to growth.

Few businesses have explored what that means in practice, but that’s what we have for the past 5 years. Included in this handbook is everything we have learned.

It teaches you how to build a post growth business:

A business with limits to growth that prioritizes sustainability and resilience over financial extraction and growth.

What will you learn in each chapter?


01 Set wage caps & prices 

How we set a wage cap and decided what products should be free and which should generate revenue.


02 Create resilience

How we forecasted three scenarios for growing and reaching a steady-state phase, with and without external financing.


03 Adapt to physical constraints

How a digital business is still a physical business, and why we cannot make
PGG 100% free.


04 Get market feedback faster

How we try to get market feedback faster, while organizing ourselves to grow slowly.


05 Set & stay within your limits 

How we identified our most critical limits to growth, and the corrective mechanisms we put in place to help us stay within them.


06 Grow slowly

Why slowing down your growth can be a good thing, and how to use donations in a post growth business.


07 Create accountability

How to get the right information in the right place to cause the right behavior, create accountability and track your impact.


08 Make rules not pledges

What the problems are with the rules of business today, and how we define new rules for PGG to create incentives that align with planetary boundaries.


09 Create balance in flexibility

How we define governance in PGG; who can change the rules, and how they can be changed.


10 Create a theory of change

How to set a goal and formulate a theory of change, which qualifies that your company has the impact you say it has.


11 Change a paradigm 

What are the assumptions of a post growth paradigm, and how we have an ambition to change a paradigm with PGG.


12 Don't be a know-it-all

What it means to transcend a paradigm, and why you shouldn't be a know-it-all.

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The non-fancy toolkit

The toolkit consists of the 6 main tools that help us build a post growth business.

We have tested at least 50+ tools over the years, and these are the 6, we keep returning to when making decisions.

They are non-fancy but practical.

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We have planned to update our eBook twice - in early 2025 and 2026. After that, we will only make updates if new learnings justify it.

You gain lifetime access to all updates when you purchase the eBook today.